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life aku skarang sgt padat...pagi2 kuar kene g court coz court start kul 8.30a.m..
if case cpt abis, aku lepak2 jap kt cafe wif other chambies or lawyers..
sometimes, aku x g court, but have matter in land office..ade enquiry @ siasatan tanah..
lunch hour baru aku msuk office..
if x g court, aku kne buat submission.. penat? jgn ckp lr..myb coz aku seorang chambie, so kne lr sacrifice..of coz lr, if u want to gain something, u should sacrifice alot..
so, sape2 nk jadi lawyer, or even nk join service as magistrate, judge or dpp, if asyk nk merungut penat je, jgn lr amik law..
so, i admit what i'v read in a news before,
"being in a legal line, u should sacrifice alot"
"being in a legal line gives u a chance to make changes that have a far-reaching effect"
but, we should think it wisely lr..
mane ade keje yg xperlu sacrifice? mane de keje yg xde prob? xde pressure?
yg pnting, u know how to handle them..
thts all..xOxO!..
nota kaki: a very good new year 2011 in advance!


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