soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: called to the Bar!!

called to the Bar!!

hi peeps!

hopefully u are in a good health same with me..hehe..

i just realised that this is my 1st entry for 2011..look! how busy n hectic i am..^^

ok, straight to e pointttt...

guys, i'v finished my pupilage on 7th april 2011 and been called on 6th May 2011!


can u see how happy i ammm? ^^

i would like to say thank you to my ayah & ibu, family, my master, lawyers, ARS.A staffs, court staffs, chambies malacca rowkks!, n those who helped me either directly or indirectly in my career..i went through a tough path with their helps..100000000000000000 thanx!

i just started my works with my former firm as an associate..n is applying my PC..will be doing a general n banking n h.p litigation..hope i can go through with it..insyaAllah..

several pics uploaded..

thanx ayah n ibu!

1st on e list!

after called

Malacca chambies those who came to my call

outside the Bar Room


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