soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: 4 months to go~~

4 months to go~~

hi peeps!

hopefully sumenyr nk blogging, but since streamyx ibu dh potong, bru aku t'kial2 nk blogging...kejamm lr ibu..^^..but she has her own reason to do so..coz bile xde ntenet, sume duk kt hall tv, tgk tv rmai2..if x, de je yg duk bilik, surfing tenet xkuar2..haha..

1st of all, nk inform kt sini yg aku dh 5 bulan b'chamberingg!!! yeayyyyy!! clap..clap..clap..!

2ndly, i'm officially graduated from uitm with 2nd class upper in Bachelor of Law (hons.)..again..clap3x!

3rdly, i have another 4 months to go before i'll be called to the Bar as an Advocate & Solicitor..another yeayyy.....!

so far, my life become more hectic n busy with the bundles of works...alhamdulillah, my family is always behind me n give their full supports...thanx ayah, ibu n siblings...lluv u all..

nowadays, court dh jadi my 2nd office...evryday kne p'gi..but now dh ujung tahun, kurang sket lr..but, still kne g wat writ..either writ pnyitaan n pnjualan (wss) or buat warrant of arrest (woa)...if x pun, kne g wat dock brief or g land office for siasatan or lelong kt mne2...

kwn2, bkn snang nk jd lawyer bkn stakat title..ade lawyer yg xpnh g court pun...coz they'r are doing conveyancing..or myb cooperate..but for me, if u want to gain so much valuable experience, b a litigation lawyer..g court..baru rse life ni mncabar or x..

so far, aku buat litigation mmg enjoy..enjoy doesnt mean just buat saman, soc or etc..rse bidang undang2 ni sgt luas..byk sgt yg kite buat xlimited kt stu tmpat me, if under my master, i'll be doing submission coz all the cases are contested u need to prepare either soc, or defence, then reply, full trial, then do submission...sgt byk...but if under lawyer lain aku buat banking litigation...thts y kna g wss, woa...kene marah ngn debtor sume tu mmg bese..kdg2 geram gak...ko xbyr, bile dh kne tgkp, mrh2...cisss! nsib bailiff yg teman aku g tu sgt feel secure gak..thnx mr. kandar *even u wouldnt knw my blog*..

erm, dh trase bosan lak nk tulis byk2..byk sgt nk cite ni, but xckup mse, so i just posted few pictures here...others are in my fb's albums..enjoy watching..

1. with other chambies during our Bar Annual Dinner

*the video hve been uploaded at utube..dun watch it if u feel annoying..^^*

2. my 1st case for dock brief was reported in newspaper..

^^ zoom to read it..

3. i'm officially graduated! yeayyyy!

4. congrats to my besties...^^

efa, kak ina n hani...

also to my bestie classmates, aimi, kema, anati..

5. at hotel jb..i ws attending ARS.A's litigation professional group's at j.b branch..

sgt best..we had training courses n mock trial..


my master on left n senior assistant on right..
so thankful to be one of the A.R.S.A's chambies..

nota kaki : xsabar mau dpt title peguam..^^..pastu nk khawin..haha...calon pun tarak..


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