soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: we are awesome aces!!

we are awesome aces!!

last saturday, 10th, futsal and cheerleading competition was held at bintang futsal sport..this was a compettn for LL.B hons students..we, from LL.B hons 1A got the 2nd place after lost to group 1B..even we felt a little dissappnted of this truth, but still hepi n shocked for our 2nd titles for this semester...we never put any aim to hve any color of medal at all, but, thnx Allah, for ths..proud wif u guys...we are really awesome! yess!we are "Awesome Aces!"

cheer'lady' r preparing our funny pom2..

compettn day..

get ready!

cheerleading compttn

+ boys+

pak mid alwys gives his supports to us..thnx so much p.mid^^
girls n pak mid

breakfst is the importance meal ever!

coroborates our hopes, spirit!
go awesome aces!

cheerleading fm group 1B

give me an A!
give me N!
give G.E.L.S!
+ cheerleading+
sgt klakar!
hvnt time to prepare
practise not more thn 24hrs=lost..TT
speech fm dr. bahrin
-juz focus "man in red"-

our top players

we won it!

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