soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: where is it? i miss it....=(

where is it? i miss it....=( life bcme so miserable,,,sucks!
where is my weekend? i miss the moment i spend it wif my family, my frenz..
craving for i weird coz i'm craving for these??
one thing tht i'm really frustrted is when my convo's day will be held 1 day b4 our criminal final paper...hw could i spent my "memorable" time with family...convo will be on 27th noon and criminal pper on 28th morning...i got headache whn thinking of my 3yrs degree unpayble with the redundancy of our convo'day n final exm...hate it!

even yrsterday, i hd hearing for petition for probet with my dean, we got a little conversation with...even i had few mistakes on my file, but she still praising me"dun worry azah, overall ur file ok"..thnx mdm...thnx for ur warmest greeting for my final exm...(congratz for extension as a dean for anther 2yrs, even she hate it)..she said, "azah, i dun wnt to be as a dean more...i juz wnt my life back..." i juz replied, mem, i dun knw hws ur life is, but i knw u hve no rest..i'm pity on u, but since ur term being extended this shows u'v done a good job...anyway, congratz mem"..

thnkin' on her wish, "i wnt my life back"...both wishing on the same thing..

me: "ALLAH, plz help me....i wnt my life back...T T..juz wnt it bcme normal.."

am i on e right path for ths profession?

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