soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: today was suck!

today was suck!

once u guys read e title, i thnk u will presume 'what's up wif this girl??' wht ws happend?
argghhh...serious,,,i am stress...fed up mybe?? i cme back early, just to finish all my asgmnts especially our prsnttn for civil trial n advocacy..those who read my post, i thnk u knew why we are so scared with this subject..e lecturer is kinda of scary person...while u r presenting, he will always interrupts..smtimes ur flow will fled...this caused me left my hme sweet home n gve up my holidays n cme to shah alam earlier..

this prof, for me even u did ok or not, he will alwys gve comments tht mke ur heart blasted! but this is not e only reason why my day, today be sooooooo suck! 22nd of feb 2010, i'll will not rmbr this if i cn...

wht ws hppened? guyz, wht do u think if u one of ur frenz cant understand wht u wnted he/she does? frustrated? more thn tht...

i dun know if the reason is she is aging...10 yrs older..but, i cn accept it if while we are discussing, if she dd not understand, ask us for clarification...but if she keeps silence, evryone will expect she understnds! but in fact, it is in contrary!

if we hv divided our tasks/assgmnts n evryone got their portion n need to submit on e agreed tht, e sme thng happened. she did answered wrongly! not as wht u wre discussed! bengang x bengang?

even if e one tht she submitted ws correct, but later u found it ws not made by her..she just copy n paste.....sighhhh~~` elooo..u r a law student...future law u use ur brain, be creative? not juz copy n paste? u thnk all precedences are correct? they juz gve u sme guidelines, but not copy n paste...i'm really tired wif u lr akak...plz lr...all these are our firm's works! we share e sme marks! i dun wnt become rude on u..plz.....

so, wht e counseling means to u? not enough? i can't believe tht u r my firmmte, my coursemte...mybe this word is too harsh...but, this is only wht cn i exprss fm my mind...u'll never participate in our discussion, gve ur opinion..when being asked, juz mumbling n "hurm.."...we thougt u understood..but it ws not..i ws depressed wif u...again...pls dun mke me tengking n mrh2 n kuar pkataan2 yg spatutny..." u knew tht i never said e harsh n rude against u, coz i'm pretending to not do tht..i gve my respect, coz u older thn me...sme level or age likes my aunt...i'm praying n hopes tht my respect will not fade away...

today's prsnttn=too bad! she ws supposed to a principal, need to know everything compared to other mmbers... but, when prof R, twisted e Q, she seems cant understnd any! until one point, prof says "juz carry on, i cnt understnd u"..wowww! my heart wounded, k! geram..sounds like his patience near to redline limit...n wht suprising was, wht she is presenting, is not wht we hv discussedddd...korg geram x? so, wht are e purposes of our discussion earlier??wsted our times! worthless!*^$#@!$...ths ws not e 1st tme, not even e 2nd sooooooooooooooooo mny times....sorry to say this,,,"if u r not trying to change ur attitude, for me, u r not qualify to do law even!" even facts u cnt understnd, so hw then e substnces??

n wht makes me so angry, she never says sorry!! sh*t! ssh sgt ke??
nota kaki: any kick boxing clss open this nite? i really wnt to join it!

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