soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: second week =)

second week =)

2 weeks passed and lot of things happened...seems like i've been here for 2 months..
this week i didnt plan to go back to my hometown...starting from next week, i will have 2 presentations for magisterial skills and also evidence law..civil procedures, as usual, we need to read another 5cases for prof rajes..opinion writing??? 2 probs need to be settled..ethics, thankful tu dr. bahrin coz he gave us more times to prepare n need to submit after mid term break..

what happen ek for this week?..

haa...i 've been called from one of the law firm in PJ and offering me to read in ws, ben & partners..i juz sent my resume via jobstreet n few days later they called me, and invite me to come to their firm if i do hve free time..actly, i'm prefer to read in chambers within melaka only...i ask my refrencee, pn. nora ab whter melaka is a suitable place for it? n she then convinces me and says one of her friend owns a law firm and suggests me to apply there..oh...thnx mdm!=)..

aa...suddenly, i miss my family...ngahh ngahh...rindu....
erm..tomorrow i'll go to my office, need to discuss for evidence n magis' assignment..
k, nite!


nota kaki: began read " a time to kill"..more exciting when my coursemate, glen said this book seriously best!


Chen Chow said...

Congrats for getting call-up for interviews! Good Luck!

Best wishes from staff of

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