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yeay! finally i found my favourite movie, "the chamber's original story book! there was a book fair within our faculty, and the reps of MPH bookstore cme.. i intend to buy at least a book, but later i found a book, read e name of author..."erm... john grisham..seems like i've heard tht name before"..then i read the title, "a time to kill"..then yaya said, "azah, this book, seriously best, i dh bace dh"..mirus then said the same thing...but she just wathced it's movie..bcoz of this, it is then fascinates me to look up at another books which were wrote by the sme author..

then, wht i found? i found the chamber's book...sighh~~ then i remember...the movie tht i really enjoyed watching b4...also written by john grisham..without thinking a scnd, then wht i do later?? i buy 2books! they are " a time to kill and the chamber"..mirus also bought the chamber and yaya then bought " the last jurror" and another book, but i 4gt the title of it..

so, it was a big relief actly bcoz, 2day was the last day for this book fair..with 15% thn i hve 2 books with rm, i'll try to finish them b4 mid term...hehe..

nota kaki: =)

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