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new sem, new goal, new dream..muahaha!

time table dah check dh, n what can i say is only >.
why? aku juz ade 1 day only a class at night...and 1 day only class will be ended on 6'p.m... and on friday, same likes last sem, i've bm class till 5p.m... then, ble lr balik umahhhh....

hehe,seronok...! since e ttble can be labelled as "ok", so, keep ur hardwork azah! 1 sem more b4 u start ur career.. some pple says, to acquire knwledge, we must stdy... yes, true! only the gifted person no need to struggle while facing e exmntn.. but, me, as an ordinary person, study is the most important.. study as if you have not reached ur goal..

nota kaki: gud luck!

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