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it ws abt 1 week i didnt mke any post for ths..just wondering hw cld i handle my exmntn week..2mrw wld be my lst pper but still hve a mock trial on 16 17th..hw cruel it is, only gve us 10days for 5ppers...y it bcme prob to me? all ppers *excpt 1* wre law ppers...we need to mmrise for dble, tripple times! mkes me wecking guys!..sriously! i juz hpe tht i cn maintain a good rslt *evn i'm startling whn thkin' on it* n juz mke ayah ibu n siblings proud of me..

my frenz always ask me*after goin' out fm exmntn hall","azah, snyum je, dpt jwb lr tu"...haha...a common q tht i hv for mny times...actly guyz, my mode during exm is dfferent..evn i cn answr it or x, i'll still keep smiling..dunno, partly insne kot..hehe..but, thre is smthng*truly smthg* urges me smiling...for me, y must sedih2,ur marks still as wht u u thnk ur cries, sadness cld change ur marks? it cld never happen..*ceh, receipt to be a successful stdnt*...
guyz, smile n joy is a part of happiness...n i found ths quote "smile n joy is vry infectious..thfore, be always full of smile n joy"..

've found a map of happiness...i thnk it's useful.... as a guidance...

nota kaki: hve no mood to stdy rite now..but exciting for 2mrw..lst pper, hve cls wif dato on sat., then go bck to my "hme sweet hme!"

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