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we were 2nd!

on last 18th july, an induction day for LL.B(H) part 1 was held at Law Faculty UiTM...this also known as "carpediem". the theme for this carpediem was "a tribute for Micheal Jackson" we were required to do any kind of performnce which relates to our late MJ, either sing, dance, or class(beloved LLB 1A) chosen to dance for 2 songs (my girl(jackson 5) n u rock the world)..

at first, we wnted to give up since didnt knw how to choreograph our dance but our OM (fad) convinces us n said"lets do it, just for fun"..ok! like my ibu always say"xcuba lg dh ngaku kalah, mcm askar yg blum b'perang lg dh letak pistol"..soooo,,,,joget je lrrr!!

since we are students from class A, so we were the 1st group needed to perform in front of our lecturers n part 2 LL.B comel giler....we had fun, hepi n try to synchronising our rhym 2ghter...just after we performed, all clapping!!thnx dearest audiences!!hope u enjoy with us too!! n one thing tht i dun want to forget is, we got credit fm our sniors when they shouting "soooo cuteeeee!!!""hehehehehehehehehehheehehehehhe(winking)

at last, bcoz of our "cute performance" we finally were announced as 2nd place!!!sriously, we thought we will never cn get those hamper!nope!never!!evryone was suprised! me, myself also screaming alot on tht time, shouting!!so exciting!!

n now, we, LL.B Hons (1A) already have 1 title for carpediem(even at 2nd plce), n we really want another 1 title for futsal(mixed)!!yeah!!struggle for it!!


5 out of 7 wif fuad's present as "the coolest guyz"

so impressive!!


today is carpediem!

little MJ wif hot hat!^^

hepi hour!

hepi makes the photographer shaking!

tribute to late MJ

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