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ptg td aku tgk badminton, doubles btwn msian n korean...msia represnted by zakry latif and fairuzizuan tazari and korea byjae sung and lee yong dae...very entertaining game..dua2 teams sgt best and hebat..even msian try to make victory, unfortunately, we finally defeated by korean, 23-25,21-19,20-22...but, congrats to both of them 4 e impressive game evntgh they failed to win their 3rd Super Series (H.K)...haaa....b4 i forget, congrats also for women msian doubles, wong pei tty n chin eei hui since they were announced as 2nd world rank.



Anonymous said...

suka la kt fairuzizuan, cute gler! geram nk cubit2...

azah hj zainal said...

hehe...nk cubit2 ek? sy ske gak...=>

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