soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: this was abandoned due to many reasons..T T

this was abandoned due to many reasons..T T

hi guys! it is almost 1.5 month my blog lacking with any news..huhu.. do anyone missed my blog??ceh, perasan lr ko azah..actually, i love blogging compared to fb'ing..but, since i hve so many things to write with lesser times, so i chose fb to keep intact wif frenz..

many things happened since 1 month back..

6th may = i finished my LL.B *so crazy wif dis hell's life*

10th may= ayah was admitted into hosp, final preparation for coronary bypass surgery..

12th may= bypass took time almost 6hrs! alhamdulillah, everything went very well w/o

1week after= ayah came back home!

weeks afterward=took care on, 2gether with ibu n nana since my other siblings staying apart with us due to their studies n works.

10th june=hahahaha! i hate this date so much! my nervousness at its mad when knw that my final result is going out! i tried to check it from 3pm till 2a.m...crazy lastly, my beloved frenz, ai.mi.nad.iah helped me to check it since her line at there was more faster than me..

result? ALHAMDULILLAH...i passed all papers with As n Bs..compared with 1st sem i got 1subject with c+..i will graduate on this oct or nov with 2nd class upper..i hd told ibu, she keep smilingg...also ayah, he congratulated me..also my dearest siblings..

"ayah, ibu, siblingss, this is for u guys!"

previously, i wrote here tht i'll going for 2 interviews..either wanna join service or read in chamber..

i went for interview at A.GC..but i gt no lucks to join them..they said they cant decided yet since tan sri was not there during interview..but, after the result cme out, i got no phone call, so i concluded that i hv no lucks...but, they said after 15th june, just after 1st intke report their duties, then they will call those who fall under KIV..

read in chamber...actually, this is my primary lecturers advised me to read in chamber..but i changed it since my dad sick..i want to tke care of him, spent my weekends wif him since gov officers wll hve this opportunity..tho i'v changed my plan, but i still went for intrview last week..

again, Alhamdulillah, i hve been offered to start my chambering at AR.S.A *mlk branch* and will start on next week 1st july.. eventho the allowance are cheeper compared to those are doing chambering at kl or slgr, but i think it still a good chance..why? i do not need to rent house, pay for tolls, foods are more cheeper, only need to spend my money for fuels..furthermore, this is only for chmbering..i want to be near with ayah n ibu till ayah be fully recovered..once i completed, then i will decide which place i wish to go...

k, azah, fightinggg! ex-LL.Bians 2009/2010, fightingggg!

want to off now, n tke shower b4 me comes smelly..huhu..



nota kaki: ayah asked me, what if Ag.C then offers me a job nxt month? which 1 i need to choose? urm...let 'that time" comes then i'll think..

ermm...we are waiting our 1st nephew or my parents' 1st grandchild to pop out at anytme...
hopefully evrthing going alright..

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