soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: it is not an just a beginning..

it is not an just a beginning..

hi peeps!

lately sgt bz ngn life aku as a student..pnat?? of course..x other reason as usual..penattt...we hve ended our llb life wif mock trial n full trial of magisterial skill..officially am.irus n co hs been dissolved last friday...n also, zai.rul i.zzain n partners., n co. and also radnaa n partners..

little bit sad coz after this everybody will pursue wif their plan..for all these times, we got much memorable memories...some would say, ll.b is a cruel life..i will not deny it..yes, i hve to admit it..throgh this 1 year program*only in uitm*, you'll facing the real life in will realise a true friend is hard to find, to be trusted..backstabbers..n the positive side is you will know how to cooperate n how to handle the tasks wif your colleauges..

even this ll.b's life has deprived my social life, even my leisure times, but i would nver regret coz this hs given me an opportunity to see my ability in working in a far i can survive..yerp..i am so happy wif it..evntho there were some conflicts, we hd overcome them successfully..thanx Allah, for all these while i got a chance to knw k. ina n hani..they always with me while i was in my difficulties..they always there for me, hear my probs and in turns, me as well hs tried to be wif them while they gt their probs..

at this opportunity, i would like to thanx to my family especially ayah n ibu, k.ina n hani, my firm mates, ami.rus n co, my classmates LL.B 2A*u guys really the awesome access!*, my lecturers especially ma'am syu.haed.da a.eni, coz always jd lecturer yg plg best n concern ngn aku..*aritu sedih giler time peluk2 ma'am..n truthfully, when she commented my status at fb, aku'm, if u read this post, i wnt u knw, i really meant it..luv u*

after this, aku xsure ape yang aku nak jd..ble lakk...erm..actually, aku bru t'hegeh2 cari firm tuk wat chambering..aritu byk dpt offer interview, but xdpt nk sume pasal raje.sw.aren..haha..die wat idup aku xmenentu ngn keje yg mnimbun2..hehe...but aku lst, aku rase, aku mmg advance ngn civil procedure...n thanx to him coz sudi jd one of my references tuk resume aku..

aku mmg nk dptkn title advocate n solicitor of high court that kne lr jd chambie for nine months..but confirm for nine months ni duit aku sengkek giler..of course lr, if buat kt mlk, allowance die just around 800rm je..

so, 2nd is, aku tggu whether aku dpt AG chambers or not..aku de submit name for AGC interview, but xsure lr dpt or not coz ramai yg pointer hebat2...aku t'paksa lr merendah diri..haha..

3rd is, aku tggu spa pggil aku...aritu tu ive attended exam under spa for posts like PTD, pegawai siasatan, peg. imigresen, peg. penerangan. peg. undang2..but, aku xsure lr ble dpt..mne xnyer..aku hentam sume tu..haha...nasib de alin, my best gegurl coz ajar aku mcm2..yelr., die study, so time aku drive nk g amik exm tu, die tlg bcekan ape yg die tau...die pun amik exm gak...hopes die dpt...amin...luv u alin..!

abis this 6th of may...then 10th will be ayah pnye bypass operation..hpfully everthing will be ok..aku xdpt nk g batch trip..but, aku xpnh kisah pun..haha..

ok, i think i should stop now..actly, baru bgun dri tdo kul 2a.m td..coz xmandi lgsung..siang td dh all out giler2 dah...cewahhh...xde lr..siang td stdy kt libry wif my bestie, hani...ktorg discuss tuk paper khamis ni...khamis ni first paper ktorg tuk advanced criminal procedures or also known as cpc..serious paper ni sgt scary compared to others..even dlm cls aku slalu kne petik name ngn tuan lee, tp aku pnye jwpan xpnh nyer excellant...test pun hancus..aku xpnh fail test, but for this subject aku rse dh n amat tkejut beruk sgt2..

erm, but now, aku faham nape pper ni susah, this is hw u wnt to convict someone to be guilt for the u can establish a prima facie to create doubt/s..thanx tuan lee chon.g fook.. a.k.a. tok lee aku..he is such a professional lecturer tht i met other thn a.k.a tok wan..

serious, aku akan sntiasa rindukan life aku as a law student..n i'm proud to be one of the students fm the best of law faculty in malaysia which is UiTM!!!

aku pun akan rindukan life aku yg kene dtg b4 8a.m tuk punch card awal2 pg n punch out kul lima lbh..kdg time mlm..even kkdg aku suruh je bdk2 punch kn...aku akn sntiasa rindukan pak guard yg slalu saman kete aku coz xde sticker n park kete kt area staff..aku akan sntiasa rindukan2 time2 aku kne tdo kat office *cls* coz nk setel kn files, free hotel k....aku rindukan time2 gaduh ngn bdk2 cls..gaduh2 ni yg mematangkan kite..serious..aku pun akan still rndukn saat2 nk masuk cls raje.s coz nervous aku n clsmates aku tu dh tahap darah tinggi kronik..psl die aku xtdo almost 3days coz nk siapkn submission nego b4 him..aku rndukan saat aku n clsmtes tdo dlm cls coz xcukup tido smpai sir sri m'geleng2kn pale die, ma'am nora ab stop ngajar coz sume tido..aku rindukn tuan lee punye handwritting coz die sorg je yg ble bace n aku migraine nk bce tulisan die..aku rindukan time aku lepakKing ngn firmmates aku, saat aku curahkn probs aku kt k.ina, hani..time aku borak2 ngn bdk2 cls, aimi, kema, k.long, anat, yaya.. aku rindukan time aku n mbr2 girls menangis coz probs yg ktorg facing time tu maha hebat..aku rindukan saat aku dpt tau yg aku ni bkn lr kuat mne..aku ble nangis kt ibu n ayah..conflict s.a..aku rindukan moot court...saat2 aku jd counsel defending client aku, aku jd witness, n aku jd prosecution..sume tu ajar aku jd lbh mature..aku rndukan time aku main futsal ngn clsmtes aku, then ended wif lepak kt kedai2 mkn or kt lori rojak karim..aku pun rindukn time2 aku kne present kt cls..xkisah lr individual or firm then smetimes dpt pujian dr lecturers n clsmtes.. ..aku rndukn tme2 aku test..n for the first time aku xpnh stdy tuk test coz xsmpat or ttdo..aku redah je jwb test..aku rndukn saat2 aku dpt marks for test or files..aku t'igtkn saat aku dpt highest marks for raje.s punye test..he praised me, good answer..highest marks for habib.ah's test, smpai die tnye aku nak wat ape after llb..die suruh aku jd lawyer..aku rindukn nasi lemak daun pisang yg hrganye rm1.30 kt kdai pak mat..aku rindukan memori aku n clsmate aku dlm 16 out of 22 xdtg moot court for magisterial skill coz sume dh collape...aku rindukan clas ngn for 14 days for 2weeks..means, weekend ktorg pun die amik..aku rndukan time berat badan aku jatuh mndadak awl sem lepas, but after dh immune, naik sket demi sket..hehe..n aku rindukan time ktorg demam satu batch awal2 msuk ll.b tu..mybe culture shock time tu..body xdpt immune dgn life yg strt awal kul6 pg ni..aku rindukn time aku pnteng lecture, pstu aku tido kt office cls..aku rindukan sume tu..mane aku nk dpt experience ni sume selain kt uitm ni?kt law fac ni? cls dh mcm office, cm bilik sendiri..aku spent mse aku byk kt cls dri bilik aku..aku hepi + sedih coz sume ni aku xkn dpt kt tmpt lain..

n aku nantikan saat convocation bulan 12 ni..time tu aku rse aku ble menangis time dpt scroll tu...2nd degree aku after bach. of legal studies yg aku dpt lst yr..n i knw that to be a lawyer is not only my dream...but it is also my family's...ayah n ibu dlu xpnh sangka aku apply tuk amik law..aku xpnh discuss ngn ayah n ibu..when i gt offered to do law, parents aku cm xde confident ngn aku...takut aku xble wat..aku kn mls bace..if suruh aku wat maths, confirm smpai pg pun aku ble b'jage..but they still encourage me till 2day...when i got 2nd class upper for my 1st degree, they are really proud with me..^^..n now my proffnal degree for this ll.b...

k, guys good luck for those yg de final exam...thanx for those who always support me till the place where i'am standing proudly now..

nota kaki: sori if korg nyampah ngn dot dot btween names kt ats ni..coz recently ramai friends discovered my blog...actly, bukan xsuka, but segan sket..krg dieorg google, jumpe lak..hehe..


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