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nah...finally i hv an ample time to update this blog after new 2010..
even it ws only 1week clss which already started, but sriously i felt like it was almost to mid term..haha...such workload make me totally insane..

hw bout my lectrers?
this sem, i got all senior lecturers..tht made me getting pressured especially for civil law class and civil trial and advocacy...why?? we will having e clsses with e same lectrer for 12hrs per week?? does it quite boring?? for the 1st week we hd ourself rajes...he is our lectrr for both subjects..then, he gave us 10 cases to read n need to present for the nxt week..sighhh...i do luv to say tht, yes, i hate read the civil's so dull compared to criminal..but, since it is mandatory, juz read lorr...

urm...our class trip to p.d will be postponed to another date...n my firm n yaya's firm will going to ...erm..i dun knw the exact place it is, but it is to see the fireflies this sat..but, at the sme time i got wedd's invittn of hani's sis...but if i can, i wnt to go both places.. is midnite already,...will hve civil cls on 8.30 a.m..wish me so luck, k...?


nota kaki: bought a broadband by using nana's name since my nme ws blacklisted...huhu...lantak lr celcom...

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