soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: again, tag...

again, tag...

hi peeps!

dh lme xjwb, skrg trse nk mggedik lak tuk mnjwb tad dr my sis, *nana* ni...

1) Where is your cell phone?
~b'side me..

2) Relationship?
~with everyone

3) Your hair?

~x too short, juz nice..

4) Work?
yes, i did..juz twice..wif induk n ayah, but now, still stdying

5) Your sisters?
along, k. liza, nana n firah

6) Your favourite thing?
lappy+broadbnd+extrnal hardisk, hp+crdit, money..

7) Your dream last night?
cant sleep! suffered skin allergic! dammitt, n now feels sleepy~

8) Your favourite drink?
light cold tea'o

9) Your dream car?
honda crv..

10) Your shoes?

court's shoe...hehe..

11) Your fears?
ular..................didnt scared me, but gelii..

12) What do you want to be in 10 years?
mybe a practicing lawyer? or mybe i'll pursue my stdy for master, or mybe jage anak je..huhu..

13) Who did you hang out with last weekend?
lenny n firmmates~lots' work to do..

14) What are you not good at?
15) One of your wish list items?
a tiny laptop..

16) Where you grew up?
ws born in Pahang but grew up in mlk..

17) Last thing you did?
read casesss

19) What aren’t you wearing?

earing, eye glasses..

20) Your pet?

21) Your computer?

a present fm ayah n ibu...hve use this almost 4yrs..

22) Your life?
juz good..i luv to do wht i wnna do...

23) Missing?

24) What are you thinking about right now?
sleep....since i cnt sleep lst nite, feels like a heavy stone on top of my head..

25) Your car?
produa viva, a.k.a landon...a gift frm ayah n ibu gak...thnx..;p

26) Your kitchen?

27) Your favourite color?
purple..i'm too obsess of it!

28) Last time you laughed?
cnt rmmber...mybe yesterday...

29) Last time you cried?
lst nite...againn..cnt sleep..

30) LOVE?
"no jeleous, bla bla....quotes fm "a walk to remember""

nota kaki: mdm syuhaeda dh jmpe blog i..hehe...segan but xpe lr, since xde ktuk mne2 lectrer pun, ok lr ek?

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