soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: LL.B 2, here i come!

LL.B 2, here i come!

hi peeps!! previous entry kn i posted abt my nervousness of my rslt...
wht did i got?? Alhamdulillah...i'm still got 3pnter...thnx ALLAH, thnx IBU , AYAH, SIBLINGS, KENGKAWAN .....

thou i juz expected to pass all those pper, but i'm hepi for this happiness tht u gave, Allah..for me, ths is not e best one, still lacking there n there...but it was a big least, i've passed all ppers..

so, a REMINDER FOR ME: do ealier prprtion..try to mnge ur stress, hepi alwys, insyaAllah you cn enjoy ur stdy..

thnx...hpefully my firmmtes n othr frenz got their gud rslt....

nota kaki: skrg sy dh ble tdo ngn lbh nyenyak! go away tht kind of feeling*nervous*!

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