soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: last day for law of insolvency II..

last day for law of insolvency II..

lst 31st march was our lst day for insolvency II..quite sad lr..erm...actly, ths sbjct is our electve pper for 3rd yr...this sbject consists wth 2 parts, insolvency I (while in part5) and inslvency II(part6)..
we are so lucky coz our lectrer for 1st n 2nd part was same...erm...she was Mdm. Syuhaeda Aeni..we luv her very much n she also treated us like her brothers n sisters..but, we really respect her bcoz she...sgt baik laahhh...actly, die ni pnh practice as lawyer..hehe..e fact revealed when ktorg kne stdy satu case tu, de nme die as a counsel...
erm..cls ni de 31 stdnts, 5 boys and e rest are girls...sronok sgt cls ni..haaa..bkn nk riak, tp aku dpt highest carry marks tu tuk sem lg 3 org lg dpt sme marks..
hpefly, sem dpn, if dpt further honours, dpt lr mem syuhaeda ni tuk sbjct lr mem ajar, sng fhm..sriously...hpfly lr....k, frnz of inslvency cls, for our pper on 5th may soon, i wish u best of luck!!score k, it is x a hard pper to score...chaiyok!!

woman in blue at back is our mdm..


we 2...

nk candid, tp xnmpk mem...huhu

after clss...still nk posing lg ni..

b4 clss started...

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