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hi frenz...thnx 4 ur alrdy 24th dis yr!!dis wld be my final sem..jus hping tht i wll finish my degree on tme, then further 4 my LLB honours..erm..coz defect of wifi in my hostel caused me diff to onlne, i can only onlne during my hlday, whn im back to my, for those who sent me e cmments n also in my blog..thnx..^^wish u happy wif ur life, work n etc..
ayah n ibu, i alwys rmbr ur advices tht encrge me to be as wht im doing rite now..i thnk i m on e rite path bcoz of ayah n ibu..if x bcoz both of u, i thnk, x mpssble for me to be a failure..thnx...
also my siss n bros along,angah,nana firah n zabir..we will meet again on ths 21st will be along's enggemnt...nana,firah n zabir...gud luck...rmber wht ayah n ibu alwys told pain, no gain..u mst be hurt n suffered for many times b4 u cn gain smthg..rmbr tht..wht u need, e effort whle doing smthg to achve ur s x impssble, rite?xbdy will be given e diffclties for their liftme..n nbdy ws born to be stupid..
as ur sis,i will alwys hope tht we cn share any prob n happiness 2gthr..ths rlshp wll x break till e BIG DAY..InsyaAllah..i luv u all..
also my frnz, efa, lily, kak ina n hani..fndshp wll nver end evn one of us will x 2ghter wif for LLB..i wll alwys rmbr our sweet mmries..skip e classes tht we thnk bored..hehe..for e hardship tht we faced 2tgher..thnx..

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