soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: good bye 2008 n welcome 2009~~

good bye 2008 n welcome 2009~~

few minutes b4 we cn say gudbye to yr 2008..when we talkg bout our 2008, do you achieve ur 2008' dream? bout ur stdy@work? whtever it is, congrats for those achved it and for those who are x, 2009 are waving to us now..try harder for next yr..

erm...2008 will leaving us with mtter sweet or x...not only to ourslf, but also country n world..

lookg back to lst march...our country's general election..BN just won simple majority to form a government..dis shows tht msian nowadays not like before..they knew tht they hv rite to choose their own representative..they hve freedom..yes freedom..this phnomena shown by the increasing no. of opponents' followers...PKR, PAS, of democracy system exercised by msia..

hw abt very admiring datuk nicol ann david..maintain as top seeded in squash..congrats for winning world championship, britain open..also to lee chong wei[datuk also], won olympic medal for msian...but soccer team..u have to imprve n trying harder for nxt yr..yes...u all need to strggle for nxt any chmpnship nxt yr..n x 4get, msian a no. 1 cntgent in asean university game...

2008 also full wif gossips..sme artist gttg mrried, that artist been divorced..erm..when tlking abt music..actlly, im so depressed wif our music...whle turning e chnnel, only indon's songs tht i heard..y? did our songs too bad?..i dunno to answr this q coz im not an expert wif it..
x 4gt e landslide tragedy tht happen at bukit antrabangsa...this shws tht we nver try to chnge, to prevent e same trgdy tht was happen b4 at Hinglnd Towers...
2008 also wld left my family mbrs n i wif many memories tht we will x 4get..ths yr also wld be e last yr to my bro b4 his sttus will change to 'married'..insyaallah..i wll get a new sis on ths sis...hpflly her enggemnt on ths feb wll be one of her unforgettble mments...
2008~~erm..bout my stdy...insyaallah, i will graduate this early mid 2009 wif my bachelor legal stdy on time..then further for sis nana, congrats for ur 1st sem reslt..try for dean list nxt sem..i knw u cn do it..did u get ANC for ur dip rite??x impssible for u to get it agn...chaiyokkk!!firah..dont be sad coz ur pmr reslt..7as 1b is ok sbjects are waiting for u nxt yr...and e big big big exmntn for u wld be spm...chaiyokkk k?!!n my lil bro...xble blah ngn die ni..hehe...bcme cuter cuter n cuter...hehe...stdy hard n smrt ek zabir...zabir comel...cayanggg die.... yr will coming....wish u all hepi new ur...n hpe ur dreams cme true...!

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Hey there!

Thank you for your support of our dear Datuk Nicol.

Here's wishing your all the very best and a blessed new year!

Lorraine Siew
Editor of NDOnline

NaNaBdKbaiK said...

ak akan berusaha tuk dptkan dean list sem ni...insya-ALLAH...amin~~

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