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wah..quite long i keep silence without news..
hehe, actly ive been isolated with bundles of works since i started my pupillage..
today is the 7th Syawal..means raya is almost 1week!
i hve alot of things to share, but i think, i'm not such a rajin person to type till the sun rise..

ok, let me tell u guys, wht was happened through few pics, k?

as u knw, recently, i'm doing my chambering in a well-known firm in mlk' far, so gooodd! at the 1st moment, i hate it so works to do, n i ws getting bored..evryday, ayah asked me, "cm mne keje, best?"..ayoooo...xbest..

but, while entering e 3rd week, then i feel the real chmberng is..i do starting enjoy wif it..i went to court, appeared before magistrate in chamber evnthough at tht time i only accompanied my lawyer..went to a house which need to be seized n sold.., auction..n alot lr! sometimes, i need to accompany my lawyer n master to jb's branch..i also attended in-house-seminar n far, i'm did litigation..n i hope that i will maintain in the same department till the end..i dislike conveyancing..hehe..n i'm not so into it...please do not rotate me to that floor...^^

erm..the number of chambie in malacca now is getting bigger..we are now 26 pple! came from different firms..most of us are MMU's graduates, n few are overseas, UKM, UIA and 1 each from UITM n UM...we consist of malays, chinese n 1 Malaysia! we are very close n cooperate wif each other..malays will supporting chinese n indian, n in returns, they do e same..

~during fasting break~

~few 0f us~

last 2 weeks, i still was my first time ever to mention the case before magistrate in was unplanned! actly, i juz accompanied my lawyer,, she was having fever..sore throat..then, suddnly, she asked me"azah, can u mention these 2 cases?" i felt like "whattt?? i know nothing to say n yet even know nothing bout the files.." but she was helpful..she wrote the scripts..hehe..little bit nervous, but thanx Allah, everythg went very well..^^

ok! now let me share wif my hari raya..hehe..
this year, the number is increased from 9 to 11...y? because we have bro-in-law n our cute nephew, haziq irfan!

here the pics of hari raya celebration~~
our theme=pink+purple..^^

~haziQ wif his mak lang~

~haziQ wif his mama&papa, oni&atuk, maklong&paklong~

ibu&ayah wif their unmarried child..hehe..
who is the shortest among the girls?

tearful moment..(",)v

~not forget, my new cousins..fahmi n fahim~
this is thier 1st raya, sme goes to haziQ..

looks like "copy n paste" rite?
ok, next story..
since i already finished my study, or a.k.a a career wman, now i got a license! wht type of license?? hehe..apart of driving n riding licence, my parents put a trust on me if i want to go out at night..but only during hari raya..but stilllll a big license right??so hepi wif it..hehe.
for the first time ever, i went out celebrating hari raya wif old skol frenz..

hoo...i think i shld stop from writing before this will be the largest post..haha..
but, i dont knw when will i write again after this...if there will be a good news to share, i'll post here, k..

k, guys, tke cre n wish u best of luck for evrthing u'll do...
nota kaki: is wondering bout the article tht need to be published in a.r.s.a's bulletin...i've been given a responsibility to write it..but, still know nothing..^^


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