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yes, she is

td mlm,
aku bosan..xtau nk watpe..
slaluny, aku akn cl "hme sweet home" aku n borak2 ngn ibu..
if x pun ngn nana or along..

but, mlm td, aku cll my sweety ibu..
aku cite, arini aku g MYdin sorg2..
mula2 pk nk ajak mbr tman..
but, tbe2 aku rse aku nk space sndri..
w/0 anybdy bsides me..

driving alone, improving my driving skill,
but my kalut-ness still x let off..
haha! i'm laughing when tryg to imgine,
if smene lookg at my face while i'm driving..
sure klakar!
with stress lines crossing my forehead!

W.H.A.T. T.O. D.O?
midnite already..x yet sleepy..
surfing?? xbest lr...
x aggressive as usual

next week will be my stressful week!
i hate it!
wif all tests, prsnttn, those will mke my breathing bcme 'kus kus'...
like carbon dioxide more thn oxigen..
x place for breathing..
like room filled with darkness..
is it doom?!

after told all these 'semak' to ibu,
she'll starting says somethg tht mkes myself more convenience..
hw to say it out??..erm..felt more comfort..
i felt like a part of probs, which burdened me, starting fade away
a room, which previously filled with darkness, starting showing its sunshine..
my head, my body becme lighter...lighter..lighter...

thanx ibu...
u'll always mkes me stronger even i'm not..
always mkes me like a brilliant one, even i'm not really a brilliant..
alwys mkes me become more motivated even i'm alwys felt so down..

i'm not regret or ashame
to say my ibu n ayah are my superBheroes..
luv u ibu!


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