soMethinG CrossinG My Mind: i am truly hepi for these..thanx ALLAH..

i am truly hepi for these..thanx ALLAH..

lst week, on thursday, my result was released, n i'm really hepi bcoz i was fnally unofficially graduated fm Bach in Legal Studies(Hons)--Pengajian undang-undang(3yrs mode)..

then on lst saturday, i ws also passed my pre test of car license (thnx uncle coz pass kn sy..hehe)

if law faculty kt U len law dieorg for 4 yrs, but uitm jage stndard lr knonny, so our u make it 3yrs + 1yr(Bach in Law (Hons)) or knownly called LLB..all uitm law students mmg nk kn course ni as it is a professional certificate n 1 of e requiremnt for chambering n then practise as a lawyer..i'm just finished my 3yrs legal studies. So, my hopes nw, just wait..wait n wait for tht offer..

at 2p.m, my frenz mar texted me--"LLB offer cn be checked nw"..

seriously??aku?? wif extremely excited, 4warded e msg to others..then, sume org replied--"cmne nk chck?ktnr?"

aiseh..aku pun xtau..tu psl, xsure lg, aku dh 4wrd..ceh, aku bls--stdent portal kot..

aku pun check...msuk uitm web page, click stdent portal, intake(application rslt)...
then---enter i.c no---(waitng)....

suddnly, aku tnampak new page pop out, then tulis, surat twaran...aku snyum...yesssss, Alhamdulillah...

aku bgtau ibu n nana, text intan(my luvly senior), text my frenz...x text ayah..sje nk wat suprise..ayah blik fm ofis, bru aku bgtau..hehe..finally, aku bkal jd student LLB for 1yr...

really appreciate n thousands thnx to my ayah n ibu, siblings+sis in law, intan, frenz...

feel=hepi + tkut..

hepi coz aku mmg struggle stdy for 3yrs tuk dptkn ths profsnal course..
tkut coz byk cite dgr mcm2 psl course ni.."u kne than mental n physicl!",,,really2 psycho!
rmai seniors nk quit, but lectrer n dean pjuk, once u r doing law, do it till finish!--yup..

tp....register 1st july..wah..cm2 xde lg n white pny bju xbyk..medical chck up lg, fees..bju blck n white de 4 je..bosan lak color bju aku nnti..xde clor len..blazer dh de dh..nsib aku
bli tme mooting dlu..

ready or x? i'll try...i'll tke this worth opportunity..insyaAllah...aku akn capai long-term goal aku
yg slame ni aku die?xble tau..hehe..doakn aku ek..

pic time attachement kt High Court K.Terengganu n Mooting

capturing picture is totally prohibited in court..(curi2 ni, blur giler)

mooting..aku yg pndai blakon

in memories...research paper


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azah.....proud of u!!

bangge seyh dapat membe lawyer!

azah hj zainal said...


doakn aku,k...
one more step to pursue..

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