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Film "The Chamber"

Lately, aku tgk blik cite The Chamber..lame giler dh xtgk cite ni..nk kate best,x gak, tp xbad lr..cite ni based on John Grisham's novel..

bout dis film, young lawyer named Adam Hall(Chris O'Donnell) seeks to aapeal his gradfather, Sam Cayhall(Gene Hackman) fm death sentence for murder of 2Jewish children 30 years before.

yg best nyr, dis appeal was made 28 days b4 Cayhalll is to be executed, and tht is e 1st tme for Adam in his life, meets his grndpa..die jmpe Cayhall kt prison n grndpa die pun cm dh berserah je..

Anak Cayhall de 2 org, yg laki, Adam's dad, n yg pmpuan lak mkcik Adam..Adam's dad dh cmmted suicide, n mkcik die pun dh tkar nme coz dpressed caused by his dad's case..malu kot..anak murderer lak tu..

At 1st meeting, tme Adam nk convince atuk die tuk appeal for x be sntence, atuk die rejected..atuk die knl die, coz adam's voice like his late father's..Haa..lupe nk mention, atuk die join grup bomber or well knwn as Ku Klux Klan bomber...The next day, kuar kt headline newspper proclaiming Adam, the grandson who has come to the state to save his grandfther, a murderer of 2 Jewishes 30yrs b4..

Cian nyr dlm cite ni, atuk die sbnrny nk cover line die pny leader of Klan..Adam dpt tau, atuk die ni xtau pun buat bom, n atuk die pun xtau yg victims de dlm bngunan tu..2jewishes chld tu mati n eir dad cacat, then cmmted suicide..mcm2 adam wat,cm pursuade atuk die bgtau ct yg die bknny wat sorg, bt under supervsed leader die..atuk die xnk..Adam pun cnvince gak mak victims..mak victims tu ckp "i dun want he died, but he must died".."he killed my family".."he deserve for tht"..

dlm 24 hrs b4 atuk die kne sntence, leader die dtg, n mntioned yg die ni abg je ayat die, "thnx for ur loyalty, i wll pray for u!" gler...naik angin Cayhall!
sbb tu lr Cayhall then signed petition, 2 convict his leader, nme die R.W(if x mstken)..

at e end of story, Cayhall kne sentnce for death..U.S pny death sentence differs fm msia..if msia, juz hang je offnder, but kt u.s, dieorg kne suck in poisonous gas...cian...
bg aku, cite ni ok lr..myb bg korg bosn sket...if aku, hero ensem, story best, jalaannnn....

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