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he drives back!

i took this picture this morning..inside, theres my ayah driving his car..
peeps,u might be curious why this pic is so valuable for me,rite?

the only answer is, it took 2 years for him to drive again..he was suffered from nerves n spinal cord problem..he underwent an operation last 2 years..uponbthat time he was totally flat..cant walk,just laying on the bed for e whole day..

although he is not fully recover since he needs to use walking-frame n wheelchair sometimes, for us, it is still meaningful..

peeps, i need ur prays and dua'.. my ayah will undergo another major operation on 10th may 2013..due to his slow recovery,a specialist from hkl has suggested another operation..MRI result shows that this slow recovery is caused by nerves prob at front of his neck.. if the previous operation was from the back of his neck, but for this time, they will operate from the front..

i love ayah..he is my spirit booster..
he is a kind-hearted not saying this because he is my dad but his friends always say the same thing..while he was warded before, his room was always fulled with his friends, relatives who came to visit him..

ayah will safe in his operation..inshaa Allah..
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